My wife and I have dreamed of owning a small store since we first got together as a couple. We talked about maybe owning a supplement store at a strip mall or a store that sold books and home decorative items in the mall. Now that we can financially afford to embark into such a venture, we decided to look into buying a local convenience store that also sells gas. We went to to get an appraisal that would help us with the bank loans. We have a great business plan to develop the business into a higher profit venture.

The owners of the store were getting older and let a lot of things go. A convenience store about a mile away was draining off their business. People right there in town were driving out of town to the other store. This place was also closed at night. I figured if we went to 24 hour operation after a remodeling, it would be very profitable. Adding new products such as fresh donuts delivered from a maker a few miles away and a hot sandwich ordering area would also help. We needed an appraisal from to help us convince the banks the store was viable as a long term profit earning business.

If we had the liquid assets to pour into the business, we could just go ahead and do what we wanted. However, when you are attempting to get banks to loan you money, you need appraisals for commercial businesses like this before they will cough up a dime. Plus, you need an appraisal from a firm that banks actually rely on. You want a potential “Yes” to go a long way. An appraisal company that has a track record of hitting the nail on the head helps you get the money.